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  1. I had this one revelation; some people can't use their browser to download the folder for whatever reason (Example: internet quotas), so why not have a torrent link, too? That way, they have an alternative and they can download the folder even if they "normally" wouldn't be able! I've looked up stuff and it doesn't seem to be that hard to create a torrent, so all we'd need is to seed it up real good between all of us. Then again, I've never made a torrent before, so I don't fully know how they work. Obviously, I understand you might not want to do this for the time being due to server issues and the likes (probably), but it's still a feature to consider, even if it's not right now.
  2. Well... I joined the server yesterday. Magnus, the greatest undead warlock on the eastern side of Azeroth. First of all, I've gotta say that, for having been recently... opened? (AFAIK), It's looking good -- Obviously, there are still bugs, but, as I said, you've recently started up so I don't think it's too bad. Second of all, I've played wow sporadically since it came out back in 2006. Played Vanilla and TBC in retail, the rest in private servers. I'll try to be active though! That said, I just want to say something: Keep up the good work!