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    This is Skada, a better form of Recount that keeps track of damage, DPS, healing, HPS, and much more. (This may or may not be the wrong update. Please let me know if it is and I will grab the updated one.)
  3. Hello everyone, it's Zamasu (A.K.A, Madara). And today i'm glad to announce the release of several custom quests in Isle of Giants & Timeless Isle. The Timeless Isle Quest giver is Thrall. The first quest he gives is a daily, there are chain quests after that. The Isle of Giants Quest giver is Madara. I won't go into detail on what's needed to complete the quests and all because that information is self-explanatory (in-game). However, I will go over the drop rates of the two new custom items that I have added for two specific quests in Timeless Isle. <Mark of Codex> (x1-3) has a 25% drop rate. Drops off nearly all elite mobs in Timeless Isle. <Timeless Core of Codex> (x2-5) has a 20% chance to drop off nearly all regular mobs in Timeless Isle <Timeless Core of Codex> (x1-3) has a 8% chance to drop off some of the mini-trash mobs in Timeless Isle.
  4. Things to Add: Heirloom vendor that sells heirlooms but you need gold. Vendors will be at every capital city. Quests Fixes: Quest: Nature's Reprisal The quest item <Ireroot Seeds> doesn't work. it says "Spell is not available to you". Quest: The Light's Power It says to use <Seal of Command> and hit Training Dummy but when you do so the quest doesn't complete.. Quest: The Disciple's Challenge There's suppose to be a chain quest to this quest but no more quests show up after completing this one. A lot of chain quests can be seen by the NPC who gives the quests. Needs to be fixed. Example: Timeless Isle quests. General Bugs: When you die in Dolanaar area you get sent back to the Shadowglen Spirit Healer. Fix. Volatile Mutation can't be engaged by right-clicking, no "sword-like" cursor when you hover over the creature. Blood Elf Scout can't be engaged by right-clicking, no "sword-like" cursor when you hover over the creature. All Timeless Chests are bugged. Don't drop anything. Fix. Mobs/Elite Mobs in Timeless Isle don't drop Timeless Coins. Fix. Some quests in Panda Starting Zone don't show up on map. Fix. There's combat bug in a lot of places. Sometimes you'll engage a mob, leave the dungeon, but still combat bugged. Fix. Zandalari Warbringers only drop gold. Seems their loot table is bugged. Fix. 99% of Guards in Capital Cities don't work when you talk to them for directions. Fix. Spell Bugs: Dungeon/Raid Bugs: Almost all MoP Dungeon/Raids are bugged. Will post details soon.
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