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  2. Hi Hiser, You have not lost your VP. I have them all backed up. Not to worry
  3. My VP's were reset to zero I did have 24...?
  4. Classic Dungeons Blackfathom Deeps - Implemented Blackrock Depths - Implemented Blackrock Spire - implemented Dire Maul - Implemented Gnomeregan - Implemented Maraudon - Implemented Ragefire Chasm - implemented Razorfen Downs - Implemented Razorfen Kraul - Implemented Scarlet Monastery - Implemented Scholomance - implemented Shadowfang Keep - Implemented Stratholme - Implemented The Deadmines - Implemented The Stockade - Implemented The Temple of Atal'Hakkar - Not implemented Uldaman - Not implemented Wailing Caverns - Implemented Zul'Farrak - Implemented Classic Raids Molten Core - Implemented Blackwing Lair - Implemented Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Implemented Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - implemented Burning Crusade Dungeons Auchenai Crypts - Implemented Hellfire Ramparts - Implemented Magister Terrace - implemented Mana-Tombs - Implemented Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Implemented Sethekk Halls - Implemented Shadow Labyrinth - implemented The Arcatraz - implemented The Black Morass - Implemented The Blood Furnace - Implemented The Botanica - Implemented The Mechanar - Implemented The Shattered Halls - Implemented The Slave Pens - Implemented The Steamvault - Implemented The Underbog - Implemented Burning Crusade Raids Black Temple - implemented - 25 man only Gruul's Lair - implemented - 25 man only Hyjal Summit - implemented - 25 man only Karazhan - implemented - 25 man only Magtheridon's Lair - implemented - 25 man only Serpentshrine Cavern - implemented - 25 man only Sunwell Plateau - implemented - 25 man only Tempest Keep - implemented - 25 man only WOTLK Dungeons Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom - Implemented Azjol-Nerub - implemented Drak'Tharon Keep - Implemented Utgarde Pinnacle - Implemented Utgarde Keep - Implemented Trial of the Champion - implemented The Violet Hold - Implemented The Oculus - implemented The Nexus - implemented The Forge of Souls - Implemented The Culling of Stratholme - Implemented Pit of Saron - Implemented Halls of Stone - Implemented Halls of Reflection - implemented Halls of Lightning - Implemented Gundrak - Implemented WOTLK Raids Ulduar - implemented Trial of the Crusader - Implemented The Ruby Sanctum - Implemented The Obsidian Sanctum - Implemented The Eye of Eternity - implemented Onyxia's Lair - Implemented Naxxramas - Implemented Icecrown Citadel - implemented Vault of Archavon - Implemented Cataclysm Dungeons Blackrock Caverns - implemented End Time - Implemented Grim Batol - Implemented Halls of Origination - Implemented Hour of Twilight - Not implemented Lost City of the Tol'vir - implemented The Stonecore - Implemented The Vortex Pinnacle - Implemented Throne of the Tides - implemented Well of Eternity - implemented Zul'Aman - Implemented Zul'Gurub - Implemented The Deadmines HC - Implemented Shadowfangkeep - Implemented Cataclysm Raids Baradin Hold - Implemented Blackwing Descent - implemented Dragon Soul - implemented Firelands - implemented The Bastion of Twilight - implemented Throne of the Four Winds - implemented MoP Dungeons Gate of the Setting Sun - implemented Scholomance - implemented Scarlet monastery - Implemented Scarlet Halls - Not implemented Mogu'Shan Palace - Implemented Shado-pan Monastery - implemented Siege of Niuzao Temple - implemented Stormstout Brewery - Implemented Temple of the Jade Serpent - implemented MoP Raids Heart of Fear - Not implemented Mogu'shan Vaults - Not implemented Siege of Orgrimmar - Not implemented Terrace of Endless Spring - Not implemented Throne of Thunder - Not implemented Legends: Not implemented - Hasn't been scripted. Implemented - It's working implemented - Too buggy to clear the instance. implemented - Couple of bugs & missing NPCs, but can be done. Note: This will be edited overtime.
  5. I had this one revelation; some people can't use their browser to download the folder for whatever reason (Example: internet quotas), so why not have a torrent link, too? That way, they have an alternative and they can download the folder even if they "normally" wouldn't be able! I've looked up stuff and it doesn't seem to be that hard to create a torrent, so all we'd need is to seed it up real good between all of us. Then again, I've never made a torrent before, so I don't fully know how they work. Obviously, I understand you might not want to do this for the time being due to server issues and the likes (probably), but it's still a feature to consider, even if it's not right now.
  6. Welcome to the server! We are glad to have you!
  7. Well... I joined the server yesterday. Magnus, the greatest undead warlock on the eastern side of Azeroth. First of all, I've gotta say that, for having been recently... opened? (AFAIK), It's looking good -- Obviously, there are still bugs, but, as I said, you've recently started up so I don't think it's too bad. Second of all, I've played wow sporadically since it came out back in 2006. Played Vanilla and TBC in retail, the rest in private servers. I'll try to be active though! That said, I just want to say something: Keep up the good work!
  8. Greetings, I am Ruin! I am a developer here at CodexGaming, I'm basically a database administrator. Any update that requires database is made by my SQL Team and approved by me. You can always find me ingame as "Ruin" or in /join world. If you do need help, I am not a GM to help you with any problems, create a ticket and a GM should assist you ASAP. If it's a bug, report it on our bugtracker!
  9. Don't report bugs here, we have a bugtracker. LOCKED.
  10. Skada

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is Skada, a better form of Recount that keeps track of damage, DPS, healing, HPS, and much more. (This may or may not be the wrong update. Please let me know if it is and I will grab the updated one.)
  11. There is always staff on. If you find a bug, please report it at the following link: I only suggest this because I saw your forum post in off-topic. We do not answer to bugs inside forum. Instead, we simply provide the proper link for bug reports. Have a lovely day. (:
  12. Hey there, Gavin! (: Glad to see you posted here. I look forward to interacting and collaborating more with you to make Codexgaming even greater than it already is!
  13. When click on "Timeless Cloak" Use: Create a soulbound item appropriate for your loot specialization (Survival). It's casting and even says you received the item, but you never receive the item.
  14. Heriloom gear is to be earned blizzlike. Guild leveling works on the server, and I do understand that some of the heirlooms cannot be obtained due to lack of players.. It will just have to wait. I appreciate the suggestion.
  15. Couldn't it be cool if you guys added an vendor full of heirloom gear.
  16. How come there is literally no staff on at any time?
  17. Hi there! As you may know, My name is Gavin, and I am the owner of CodexGaming. I've had many projects in the past, NephilimWoW, Anarchy WoW, CrisisWoW, and of course.. CodexGaming. I work full time as a store manager for a company called Office Depot in California, so my activity is usually remote.. but my staff members will try their hardest to take care of you. If there is anything else you want to know, please feel free to PM me, or catch me in game! -Gavin CodexGaming Owner
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  19. Hey there, I am Game Master Mythic. Nice to meet all of you! First of all, let me just say this.... HAHAHA FIRST POST! *Ahem..* Anyways, if you want to know anything about me, feel free to ask. ^.^ For now, here are a few general things. I've played World of Warcraft for approximately twelve years, and have enjoyed it a ton for the full duration. I have only been playing private servers for around two years or so. Regarding my "favorites", my favorite animal is a wolf, and my favorite color is blue or purple. Such beautiful colors. My favorite thing in World of Warcraft is anything that is glowy, or anything that involves wings. Also, I love my job, and I love to help people such as all of you! Helping other people makes me happy. I think that about concludes my introduction. If you have any further questions, once again, feel free to ask me at any point you may come across me I hope to see all of you in the world that is Azeroth. Thanks for reading. (: - Game Master Mythic
  20. Solved. Thank you!
  21. Reason of ban: Account Name: GM who banned you: How long is the ban?:
  22. Name of Player: Screenshot Proof / Video Proof: Date of Incident: Reason of report:
  23. I downloaded the client from here and it works. You can mark this post/whatever as void or completed.
  24. I'm trying to log in on the WoW client, I already had a 5.4.8 folder/client. But now when I'm trying to log-in I get the message that my account needs to be converted to a account. I'm using my username/password to log-in.
  25. Hello everyone, it's Zamasu (A.K.A, Madara). And today i'm glad to announce the release of several custom quests in Isle of Giants & Timeless Isle. The Timeless Isle Quest giver is Thrall. The first quest he gives is a daily, there are chain quests after that. The Isle of Giants Quest giver is Madara. I won't go into detail on what's needed to complete the quests and all because that information is self-explanatory (in-game). However, I will go over the drop rates of the two new custom items that I have added for two specific quests in Timeless Isle. <Mark of Codex> (x1-3) has a 25% drop rate. Drops off nearly all elite mobs in Timeless Isle. <Timeless Core of Codex> (x2-5) has a 20% chance to drop off nearly all regular mobs in Timeless Isle <Timeless Core of Codex> (x1-3) has a 8% chance to drop off some of the mini-trash mobs in Timeless Isle.
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